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Laurie Jean & Lana Dale Memorial Moratorium
April 30, 2004 - Across Canada press conferences were held by the families and their supporters to demand an immediate stop for all chiropractic high neck manipulations. The chiropractic regulators across Canada have failed to voluntarily halt this useless and dangerous procedure. There have been two inquests that found that the chiropractors were at fault. There have been numerous lawsuits over the years, and yet the procedures continue with the blessings of chiropractic associations and regulators. Governments that cover chiropractic still pay for this procedure. The families are supported by pediatricians, neurologists, and other experts who have seen the chiropractic regulators dance around any thought of meaningful self-regulation.
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    Spin Doctors
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    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. Their hard-hitting CANOE.CA web site called Spin Doctors I & II were instrumental in educating the public about the excesses of some chiropractors. This book took years to write, and it is a must read for anyone who plans to go for chiropractic treatment, or who pays for insurance that covers it.

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  • ChiroWatch - Main pageIf you want to peruse all of our website this is the place to start. If you just need a quick tour of highlights, just use the links below.

  • Lana Dale Lewis Inquest - the jury is in and has reached a verdict. It was an "accident". The truth is that they could render no other verdict. The chiropractors have their hands full, and their pockets are nearly bare.

  • Bulletins - latest news from ChiroWatch The battle to delist all of chiropractic in Ontario pits the Ontario Chiropractic Association and their allies, like Pran Manga who just doesn't understand the history of chiropractic funding in Canada.

  • Chiropractic strokes
  • If you had a low back ache, or sinus infection, why the hell would you want your neck cracked? We explain the technique, the risks, and more.
  • Anti-vaccine chiropractors set sails on stormy sea

    It doesn't matter what chiropractic regulators say or do about anti-vaccine chiros. Their hands-off policy when it comes to dealing with their own licensed health care professionals who defy their policies and codes of ethics has once again resulted in more letters to the editor, more flyers, more signs in their waiting rooms about the bad effects of vaccines. In Ontario, a chiropractor who happens to be on the executive council of the CCO claims to be a pediatric specialist and circulates anti-vaccine junk at health shows. Even that is against their regulations. But, no one cares, do they?

  • Ontario chiros - gizmos - gams and stilettos Would you go to see a chiropractor who would rent space at a major Toronto hotel to promote Vega metres, and sell you $400 blood tests for "food allergies" that have to be sent to the U.K? Would you believe the pitch more if she showed up in a flashy mini skirt and stiletto heals? For more stories that will open you eyes about questionable chiropractic practices I suggest that you start here.
  • Chiropractic crimes
  • Chiropractors sometimes take advantage of their patients, sometimes they get in bed with the wrong people. In some areas of the U.S. many chiropractors have set up fronts for organized prostitution. Why in the world does this happen, and how do the chiropractic regulators and the courts deal with it?

  • Integrative medicine or pure quackery? What's the secret behind this chiropractor and her stable of alt. health gurus? How does she do it? Why do medical doctors flock to her defense? Why is a former psychiatrist now a chelation "specialist"?
  • So, you always wanted to be a chiropractor:Learn the tricks of the trade. Add homeopathy to your practice. How about the B.E.S.T. allergy scam? You want a video, we've got videos. Throw in a little voodoo magic on the side, and boy will patients flock to your office.
  • Is Chiropractic a religion, a philosophy or healing art. The roots of vitalistic chiropractic as envisioned by its founder D.D. Palmer are alive and well today.
  • Spin Doctors
    Interactive reports from CANOE.CA
    • All of the Spin Doctors pages were removed by CANOE.CA

  • Chiropractic scams
  • Chiropractors have been involved in major insurance fraud scams across North America. Some have victimized children. Almost all of them are still in practice. For a quick tour of what some chiropractors in your area might be involved in, I suggest starting here. Warning!!! - this link might be damaging to your health, and wealth.
  • Are you playing Chiro-roulette? Do the names Lana Dale Lewis, or Laurie Jean Mathiason mean anything to you? Well just click here to follow the tragic stories of these to woman who died after they went to the chiropractor for a little adjustment.
  • York Univ. whitewash of CMCC bid Why would Canada's third largest university want to affiliate with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College? How much does $25 million buy today?
  • Pediatric chiropractic scams Did you ever wonder if your hospital would allow a chiropractor into the delivery room? What subluxations do C. section babies have that needs to be addressed by chiropractors? Do you shop for a chiropractor because they have nice toys in the waiting room, or pictures of the Muppets hanging on the wall?

  • Why do chiropractors hate Murray Katz? When a Montreal pediatrician goes to work he defends the weak, he educates the public, and he saves lives. So why do chiropractors and their supporters hate his guts?
  • What are the links between chiropractic and Scientology? The original E-meter was invented by a chiropractor. Hulda Clark's Zapper and Syncrometer look like an E-meter knockoff. And you wonder why we have no doubt that there are many chiropractors and marketing groups who are in the business to support their own.
  • Alberta boycottWhy radiologists in Alberta do x-rays for chiropractors who see children? It's a war zone in Calgary and Edmonton over who has the right to order x-rays for children. The radiologists dig in their heels.

  • Canadian Quackerywatch