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Calgary Herald letters to the editor

Monday 28 February 2000

Last words on chiropractors

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    Re: "Chiropractic based on flawed science" Dr. Marvin Levant Calgary Herald Feb. 12.

    In response to Dr. Levant's outrageous article against chiropractic, your readers should know that he conveniently failed to report during the last 25 years there have been six formal government inquiries into chiropractic, all of which have found the profession to be both safe and effective. No other health discipline in modern times has been as thoroughly investigated as chiropractic, and no other profession, including medicine, can demonstrate either the same effectiveness or safety record for the treatment of spinal pain syndromes. Perhaps this is the basis for Dr. Levant's obvious sense of frustration.

    When Dr. Levant criticizes the science upon which chiropractic is based, I would remind him that one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. The British Medical Journal, in an article titled "Where is the Wisdom? . . . The Poverty of Medical Evidence" reports that "only 15 per cent of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence." I would suggest to Dr. Levant that this is not a particularly high standard for other health disciplines to live up to, and perhaps explains the reason why more North Americans now visit alternative care practitioners, such as chiropractors, than medical doctors.

    G. Roland Bryans


    (Bryans is president of the Canadian Chiropractic Association.)

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