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    Canadians visit their chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. This book is a powerful endictment of the chiropractic profession in Canada. From the early history of quackery, the latest scam gizmos, strokes, and pediatric abuse to the lack of effective regulation and discipline this book is a real page burner.

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  • Quack Radio - Your inside track to medical quackery on the airwaves

    Michael R. Pinkus on The Touch of Health Show

    The Touch of Health Radio Show
    Subject: Claims for B-1 Bomber on The Touch of Health
    Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 
    Re: TALK640 and Internet broadcast with Michael R. Pinkus
    Claims were made by Michael R. Pinkus on the Canadian based the Touch of
    Health radio show on Saturday, June 8, 2000 for a product called B-1
    Bomber. That show is regularly broadcast around the world on the

    Highlights of claims made by Michael R. Pinkus about B-1 Bomber

    • It works within minutes -- what is it supposed to do?
    • It took years of research -- so where was it published?
    • It works faster and better -- better than what?
    • It works for pain anywhere -- really?
    • It works for digestion -- I thought I had a stomach and GI tract to do that.
    • It works for low energy -- how does it do that?
    • It works for depression -- why does it work for depression?
    • It works for ADHD in children -- why does it work for ADHD?
    • It works better than Ritalin? - prove it!!
    Here are links of interest where Pinkus is most likely to reappear:
    The last known current address for Michael R. Pinkus: It's interesting that the chiropractic regulators in Minnesota thought that he had finally left the State and moved to either Florida or California. I had to inform them of his address.

    L'allier Chiropractic 
    4950 Lincoln Dr
    Edina, MN 55436-1071
    Phone: 612-933-4727
    Transcripts are available from Bowden's in Ontario for your information. We have reason to believe that some statements made during that show by Pinkus and Christine McPhee were questionable in regards to the pediatric application of B-1 Bomber and have serious concerns about the program format and disclaimers. We have a transcript of several of Pinkus' radio shows, including the one above, where Dr. Pinkus has made unsubstantiated claims for other products. Consumer and professional regulators are aware of this, especially in regards to the credentials claimed, and the clinical application of certain nutritional supplements made by Pinkus. A spokesperson for The State of Minnesota chiropractic board had no knowledge that he was back practicing in the State. They thought he was either in California or Florida. I could find no one on the present or former U.S. Olympic Wrestling teams who could substantiate the claims made on several web sites and on several broadcasts that Pinkus had previously served with the USOT in Atlanta in any official capacity. Would it be possible to have copies of research documents in regards to the claims made for B-1 products, and/or CalMax for use in children with ADHD or other health or psychological problems? As far as U.S. regulators are concerned, no medical or psychological claims can be made for food supplement products, and those include most of the things that are found on the web sites above. Canadian regulators are also looking at those claims. The credibility of the statements made by the spokesperson and the host leaves some of us with a big question mark. Was this an infomercial? If so, was there any mention of it on The Touch of Health yesterday? We assume that either you or Michael R. Pinkus can clear this up quickly for all consumers around the world who would believe the claims made for B-1 Bomber, or for that matter, CalMax. P.S. A good deal of WIC Communications, TALK640's owner, was recently purchased by Corus Entertainment It's really quite incredible that this company, Corus, is now traded on the NYSE Does this mean that stockholders around the world now have a right to complain if they feel that advertising revenue or programming falls short of the mark? False advertising and programming that substantially misrepresents medical or health issues should be on the minds of all shareholders of this "new" entertainment company. Unfortunately, like CNN, this will probably be glossed over as just entertainment. They will squirm around any issues of credibility because they have to make a profit. Sincerely, Terry Polevoy

    Please send your comments to:Pinkus Claims. We will make sure that if Michael R. Pinkus again makes claims for his products, that they are forwarded to the FDA, Health Canada, the FTC, and the Competition Bureau.

    If you want help with a problem that concerns false or questionable advertising for food and nutritional products, why not go to DietFraud.com. We've got lots of stuff there for you to digest.

    About Christine McPhee's Radio Shows

    Christine McPhee didn't like the fact that her radio show, The Touch of Health , was not renewed. So she filed a complaint with the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council). It is clear from theis decision that she was wrong in her assumption that her show was not at fault.

    A licensee is responsible for the actions of its employees, including open-line hosts, producers and programmers. A licensee is also responsible for comments made by guests or callers during open-line programs

  • Unhealthy radio on Talk 640
    NOW Magazine - November 2, 2000

    Public fed weekly two-hour infomerical for unproven remedies

    By Colman Jones Toronto radio listeners interested in alternative solutions to health problems have one less outlet since Talk 640 yanked the Saturday-afternoon The Touch Of Health show hosted by Christine McPhee.

    It's a situation followers of natural health trends may find appalling given the current pharmaceutical monopoly, but many of McPhee's fans may not have been aware that the show -- which often featured big names in natural healing like Carolyn deMarco and Zolton Rona -- was in fact a two-hour paid ad.

    McPhee's radio show, for example, was financed by Puresource Natural Products and other such companies. I ask her in a telephone conversation to comment on the problem of credibility in this kind of situation. McPhee in turn asks for my indulgence while she sets up a three-way call with Tim Bolen, her California-based PR guy.

    "This is not a health issue -- this is a political issue," Bolen warns me from his cellphone as he approaches the Mexican border en route to a clinic in Tijuana.

    I gulp, though, when he mentions his destination -- to pay a visit to one of his other clients, Hulda Regehr Clark, who runs an alternative health clinic in Tijuana and has authored four books, including The Cure For HIV And AIDS.

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