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Laurie Jean & Lana Dale Memorial Moratorium
April 30, 2004 - Across Canada press conferences were held by the families and their supporters to demand an immediate stop for all chiropractic high neck manipulations. The chiropractic regulators across Canada have failed to voluntarily halt this useless and dangerous procedure. There have been two inquests that found that the chiropractors were at fault. There have been numerous lawsuits over the years, and yet the procedures continue with the blessings of chiropractic associations and regulators. Governments that cover chiropractic still pay for this procedure. The families are supported by pediatricians, neurologists, and other experts who have seen the chiropractic regulators dance around any thought of meaningful self-regulation.
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    Spin Doctors
    The Chiropractic Industry Under Examination

    Paul Benedetti
    Wayne MacPhail

    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. Their hard-hitting CANOE.CA web site called Spin Doctors I & II were instrumental in educating the public about the excesses of some chiropractors. This book took years to write, and it is a must read for anyone who plans to go for chiropractic treatment, or who pays for insurance that covers it.


    Inside Chiropractic

    Sam Homola, D.C.
    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    A practical guide that explores the facts and falsehoods of chiropractic. Homola is a retired chiropractor and author of a dozen books. He shows that, despite claims to the contrary, chiropractors do not qualify as primary-care physicians. He analyzes patient-education materials, gives self-examination tips to help consumers with back pain to decide if and when to see a chiropractor, and analyzes questionable techniques used to attract and treat patients.

    This is Sam Homola's latest book. What a relief to find a book that is an honest appraisal of how to treat the aches and pains of everyday living. If you are high on chiropractic, then this book should be on your shelf. Dr. Homola practiced for years as a chiropractor and his knowledge is based on those years of practice. Order it today

    Dr. Preston H. Long is THE expert. Consumers trust Andrew Weil for reliable information about alternative medicine, Dr. Bernie Siegel for inspiring words about mind-body connection, and Dr. Dean Ornish, for practical ways to keep their hearts healthy, but who the recognized authority on back care and the limits of chiropractic medicine?

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    Canadian regulations and reports on Chiropractic

  • CHIROPRACTIC SCOPE OF PRACTICE This link is now dead, and we are trying to locate it on the B.C. server. Until then, here's a short blurb.British Columbia Preliminary Report - August 1998 - In this report the Health Professions Council examines how the existing scope of practice of chiropractic should be legislatively defined in order to reflect fairly and accurately the current state of practice and the public interest in the practice of chiropractic.
    • "While we recognize there is a role for chiropractors, some of the submissions they made to us suggested they could treat a wide range of illnesses including measles and leprosy. We reject this. In making the recommendation that they be permitted to treat their patients in institutions, we specifically charge the B.C. College of Chiropractors with the responsibility to make certain that inappropriate treatment does not occur, and suggest that the Ministry of Health keep a wary eye on the use of chiropractors in such circumstances.

  • Canadian chiropractic licensing links - Clinical Practice Guidelines - In 1993, the chiropractic profession developed nationwide clinical practice guidelines. These clinical guidelines are designed to assist clinicians by providing an analytical framework for the evaluation and treatment of common clinical problems that are encountered. The document is advisory in nature and provides part of an ongoing effort by the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the chiropractic profession in Canada to improve guidelines for practice. (Unfortunately, the CCA doesn't have the practice guidelines on their site. I wonder why?)
  • Chiropractic College of Ontario Practice Guidelines Guidelines provide advice or recommendations. Intended to "guide" members of the profession, guidelines are not reflected in legislation. Guidelines are flexible and user-friendly for practitioners. They are easy to implement and change because they only require approval by CCO's Council.

  • The Manga Report - 1998 - Ontario Chiropractic Association - download the .pdf file - (There is not one word in this 70 page report about pediatric chiropractic. The Report should be repeated, and attention should be paid to recent studies that differ signifantly with those reviewed by Manga.)
  • British Columbia Chiropractic Association submission to the Health Professions Council Scope of Practice Review Respecting Core Competency (Not one word was mentioned on the promotion of pediatric chiropractic, nutritional scams, the cult of anti-immunizers among them.)
  • Chiropractic Regulations - U.S.

    Chiropractic Regulations - Canada

    Codes of Ethics

    • American Chiropractic Association --
    • Doctors of chiropractic should utilize only those laboratory and X-ray procedures, and such devices or nutritional products that are in the best interest of the patient and not in conflict with state statute or administrative rulings.
    • Doctors of chiropractic may advertise but should exercise utmost care that such advertising is relevant to health awareness, is accurate, truthful, not misleading or false or deceptive, and scrupulously accurate in representing the chiropractor's professional status and area of special competence. Communications to the public should not appeal primarily to an individual's anxiety or create unjustified expectations of results.
    • International Chiropractic Association of California
    • Chiropractic College of Ontario
    • Quebec - Code of ethics of chiropractors, R.Q. C-16,r.2
    • Michigan Chiropractic Society"Illegal, unethical, or incompetent conduct shall be in violation of this Code of Ethics." --- Does that mean that a chiropractor who advises a patient to not get treatment for their cancer, and who gives them a Hulda Clark Zapper is breaking the law?

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