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Laurie Jean & Lana Dale Memorial Moratorium
April 30, 2004 - Across Canada press conferences were held by the families and their supporters to demand an immediate stop for all chiropractic high neck manipulations. The chiropractic regulators across Canada have failed to voluntarily halt this useless and dangerous procedure. There have been two inquests that found that the chiropractors were at fault. There have been numerous lawsuits over the years, and yet the procedures continue with the blessings of chiropractic associations and regulators. Governments that cover chiropractic still pay for this procedure. The families are supported by pediatricians, neurologists, and other experts who have seen the chiropractic regulators dance around any thought of meaningful self-regulation.
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    Is Hulda Clark a Scientologist?

    The original E-meter was invented by a chiropractor. Hulda Clark's Zapper and Syncrometer look like an E-meter knockoff. And you wonder why we have no doubt that there are many chiropractors and marketing groups who are in the business to support their own.
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  • Scientologists in the News

    • Michael R Pinkus and Media Power and the FDA - January 28, 2003 Media Power was given 14 days to comply or face the wrath of the FDA. They were threatened with total and complete closure if the failed to respond to this bristling attack by the FDA. We've never seen the FDA do things like this before. It's about time this happened.

    • Scientology leads backlash - National Post - part 4 of 5 part seriew "More Canadian children are taking Ritalin than ever before, even as critics of the drug grow more wary of its potential side effects. In an exclusive five-part series on the drug, the National Post examines how Ritalin works, its enduring mysteries, potential dangers, and alternative approaches to helping children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder." If your chiropractor has a certificater or poster in their office from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a Scientology front group, ask them if they are a Scientologist. It may be an interesting answer!

    • When Scientology Is Passed Down/Second-generation disciple dedicates his life to the church
      Don Lattin - San Franciso Chronicle Since the age of 14, San Francisco native Steve Latch has dedicated his life to Church of Scientology's spiritual counseling regime. Like all serious Scientologists, he began with "auditing" sessions using the e-meter, a simple biofeedback machine that purports to measure unconscious thoughts that impede spiritual development. His father is a chiropractor, and two of his brothers work in their father's practice and are Scientologists as well.

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    • David Singer Enterprise (Dr. David Singer), WISE 1997 list, $250,000 donation to the IAS), a "consultant" to recruit medical practitioners into scientology. It is not surprising that of 5 "success stories", at least 4 can be shown to be scientologists (Dr. Andrea Ruhland (WISE 1997 list), Dr. Mary Huss, Dr. Dale Cooper, Dr. Glenda Rose (WISE 1997 list))

    • MANAGING TO RECRUIT: RELIGIOUS CONVERSION IN THE WORK PLACE Officials for one practice management companies (PMC) , for example, acknowledge that about 20 percent of the chiropractors who sign up for management consulting also wind up in Scientology courses (Koff 1987). In fact, a number of WISE publications, including the 1989 Western United States Business Directory, refer to one of the PMCs as being Scientology's most effective recruiting organization (Ochart 1993b: 249, exhibit 5; Wilson 1993: 99, exhib煔Ķ 2￿￿WI�� 1��9).

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    Opposing Views about Scientology and/or Chiropractic

    • Quackwatch: An Inside View of a Chiropractic Office (using Hubbard Tech) - An Inside View of a Chiropractic Office

    • Scientology-backed bill arouses concern. Consumer Health Digest NCAHF - June 24, 2003 The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and five other mental health organizations have warned that the proposed Child Medication Safety Act (HR 1170) could have a "chilling effect on communication between school personnel and parents about students' mental health problems." The bill would prevent teachers and other public school personnel from requiring students to take methylphenidate (Ritalin) or other Schedule II controlled substance as a condition of attending school. The bill would permit school personnel to share observations with parents about a student's academic performance or behavior or "the need for evaluation for special education or related services." However, coalition members, who note that abuses are rare, are concerned that this language might cause teachers not to recommend comprehensive medical assessments when needed. In an interview in Psychiatric News, an official of one of the groups said that the Citizen's Commission for Human Rights (a Church of Scientology affiliate), which opposes all use of psychiatric medication for children, is behind the bill. HR 1170 was inserted as an amendment to the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act reauthorization bill (HR 1350), which passed the House of Representatives last month. [Lehmann C. Bill would regulate ADHD discussions in school. Psychiatric News 38(10):10, 2003]

    • Scientology pays $8.67 million to settle lawsuit Consumer Health Digest NCAHF - Feb. 20, 2002 The Washington Post has reported that the Church of Scientology has paid $8,674,843 to settle a case that was filed in 1980 by Lawrence Wollersheim, a former member who blamed church policies for injuring his mental health. [Leiby R. Ex-Scientologist collects $8.7 million in 22-year-old case. Washington Post, May 10, 2002] According to the article: In 1986, a jury awarded Wollersheim $5 million in compensatory damages and $25 million to punish the church for what jurors called intentional and negligent "infliction of emotional distress." The award total was reduced on appeal to $2.5 million. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the judgment in 1994, but the ensuing battle to collect the money (plus accumulated interest) continued until shortly before a hearing scheduled in Los Angeles Superior Court. According to an article on Factnet, the Church paid because it was afraid that the hearing could result in certain evidence being presented at the hearing that would jeopardize its tax-exempt status.

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