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    Spin Doctors
    The Chiropractic Industry Under Examination

    Paul Benedetti
    Wayne MacPhail

    Canadians visit chiropractors about thirty million times a year, and surveys show that patients are generally satisfied with them. But Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail have another opinion. Their hard-hitting CANOE.CA web site called Spin Doctors I & II were instrumental in educating the public about the excesses of some chiropractors. This book took years to write, and it is a must read for anyone who plans to go for chiropractic treatment, or who pays for insurance that covers it.

    Inside Chiropractic

    Sam Homola, D.C.
    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    A practical guide that explores the facts and falsehoods of chiropractic. Homola is a retired chiropractor and author of a dozen books. He shows that, despite claims to the contrary, chiropractors do not qualify as primary-care physicians. He analyzes patient-education materials, gives self-examination tips to help consumers with back pain to decide if and when to see a chiropractor, and analyzes questionable techniques used to attract and treat patients.

    This is Sam Homola's latest book. What a relief to find a book that is an honest appraisal of how to treat the aches and pains of everyday living. If you are high on chiropractic, then this book should be on your shelf. Dr. Homola practiced for years as a chiropractor and his knowledge is based on those years of practice. Order it today
    coverThe Naked Chiropractor
    Insider's Guide
    to Combating Quackery
    and Winning the War
    Against Pain

    Dr. Preston H. Long

    Dr. Preston H. Long is THE expert. Consumers trust Andrew Weil for reliable information about alternative medicine, Dr. Bernie Siegel for inspiring words about mind-body connection, and Dr. Dean Ornish, for practical ways to keep their hearts healthy, but who the recognized authority on back care and the limits of chiropractic medicine?

    ChiroWatch Pediatric Report

    Australia TV Liteline exposes the dangers and lies associated with pediatric chiropractors

    This excellent report includes interviews with academic chiropractors in Australia who and critics of pediatric chiropractic as promoted around the world. It runs almost 8 minutes and is one of the best reports that I have seen. There is also a discussion with a neurologist about chiropractic strokes. Some of the academic chiropractors stated that recent graduates are all evidence based, and called for an investigation on any chiropractor in Australia who promotes otherwise.

    Crack! Kids Head to the Chiropractor

    The show provided not one bit of evidence that it worked, and the rebuttal was very weak indeed. It was full of testimonials from the New York City chiropractor's own patients. Shame on ABC news for this promotion.

    Christine Anderson faces California Board

    August 17, 2007 - A few days ago the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) ethics office received a complaint that allegedly came from Christine Anderson. She claims to be a pediatric chiropractor and hails from Hollywood, California.

    It was basically the same complaint that was sent to these same agencies back in August 2000. Yes, the campaign to discredit me that was organized by Tim Bolen is still kicking around. Why this has started up again is beyond me?

    If Christine Anderson did not actually send this, whoever did send it has forged her e-mail address. I've asked Anderson by e-mail if she indeed sent it, but so far she hasn't bothered to reply.

    I have the full header of the e-mail. If it is her, there are things that those of us who have been targets of Tim Bolen and others need to know.

    It may be that Anderson could have actually been in contact with Tim Bolen who is hiding out in a cabin in a national forest in Orange County California. I wonder if he offered to help her prepare her defence in her upcoming hearing before the Chiropractic Board later this month. So far, there hasn't been anything else on the internet or Usenet about this.

    In October 2006, Christine Anderson, DC, was accused by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners of a long list of violations of the Chiropractic Act.

    Those charges are divided into two catagories:

    * practicing outside of the chiropractic scope of practice
    * the use of titles that she is not allowed to use (Diploma of Homeopathy)
    * advocating homeopathic remedies to treat otitis media in children
    * numerous anti-vaccine statements
    * chiropractic adjustments help the immune and blood system function
    * neuro emotional technique are effective for infertility
    * SEMG (surface electromyography) can detect subluxations
    * adjustments can reduce labor time and enhance placental function
    * chiropractic care can help reduce complications during pregnancy
    * chiropractic care is beneficial in high-risk pregnancies
    * advertises the Webster Technique, a breech turning protocol
    * subluxations can cause fallopian tube malfunction, and may result in infertility, ectopic
      pregnancy and endometriosis
    * subluxation may cause men to have problems with their penile or testicular
      function, and also sperm production, maturation, erection and sperm flow
    * infant car seats lack support of the neck which may cause subluxation
    * emotional and toxic stress causes subluxation
    * spinal checkups during pregnancy can detect and eliminate the restrictions
      in the baby's development
    * regular chiropractic care (or preferably in utero) absolutely helps
      children grow up healthier and happier.
    * it's important for kids to have their spines checked from birth onward and
      that the only professional qualified to do this is a chiropractor.
    * the use of non-invasive Bioenergetic testing/ Meridian Stress Assessment
      can determine which foods and/or environmental factors one has allergies
    * chiropractic technique can desensitize a person from specific allergies
    * chiropractors are specialists when it comes to bones, muscle, and nerves
    She provides the following services: homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, homeopathic
    consulting, fertility/infertility counseling, allergy testing, bioenergetics testing, hair
    analysis, Doula and Birth support services, functional nutrition and other services.
    A chiropractic license does not authorize the holder to deliver a human child, to practice
    obstetrics, or to use any drug or medicine included in the materia medica.
    THERE ARE THREE CHOICES UNDER THE CHIROPRACTIC ACT 1. Revoking or suspending her license number DC-20869
    2. Order her to pay the Board reasonable costs of the investigation and enforcement
    3. Taking such other and further action as deemed necessary and proper


    If the California Board disciplinary actions are productive, this may lead to a significant change in the practice of pediatric chiropractors across North America.

    Bagnell Pregnancy Chiropractic

    Yes, what do two Life Chiropractic graduates from the early 90s do with their spare time down in Newton, Pennsyvania. Why they invent yet another technique to make money two ways. First, they come up with a wacko method of turning a breech baby into a vertex. Next, they teach it to other chiropractors for a price. And you can do it over the internet without leaving your home, office, yacht, or private jet. That is something special.

    I wonder how the Boards of chiropractic feel in Indiana, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania feel about all of this. My oh my, I thought chiropractic was all about science!!!

    Here is what just a small part of their web site says about the intelligence of the average chiropractor. They will believe anything, try anything, and teach anything to anyone they feel like, no matter what the regulators say.

    Do you have what it takes to be a Pregnancy Expert?

    Take our quiz to find out. Answer YES or NO

    1. I am aware of the 4 main neurological conditions that occur during pregnancy.
    2. I am confident in my ability to address those conditions.
    3. I have a report of findings directed to the special needs of a pregnant woman.
    4. My new patient case history form is designed with the pregnant woman in mind and accurately asks pregnancy specific questions.
    5. My exam form is customized for pregnancy related complaints and conditions.
    6. I have the latest technology available to effectively picture the integrity of the nervous system and monitor progress without the use of x-rays.
    7. I am confident in my ability to communicate to other pre-natal specialists using the proper terminology.
    8. I am aware of a NEW technique that is 95% effective in reversing a Breech presentation.
    9. I am confident in my ability to market my knowledge and expertise in pregnancy care to other pre-natal health care providers.
    10. I have an excellent relationship with area midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and obstetricians who refer patients to me on a regular basis.
    11. I am aware of the many herbal and homeopathic remedies available to ease common pregnancy related complaints as well as those that are contraindicated for use during pregnancy.
    12. I teach a Yoga class designed specifically for the pregnant woman in my very own office.
    13. I have the proper equipment in my office to accommodate for the pregnant figure.
    14. I am confident in my abilities to modify my adjusting techniques and force to effectively care for a pregnant woman.

    Webster technique - Obstetrical maneuver is a "breech" of faith"

    Chiropractors who take weekend courses given in hotels say that they are qualified to use the Webster technique to revert, or flip a fetus around, in the third trimester of pregnancy. They are not qualified to do this, and if they tell their patients this, they are violating their practice standards. In some cases chiropractic regulators look the other way, and allow these untrained people to do whatever they want. Larry Webster, the father of modern day quackery know as pediatric chiropractic, invented this procedure and for years gave lectures to thousands of chiropractors. His infamous appearance on ABC's 20/20 with John Stossel is a classic. That 1994 TV expose of pediatric chiropractic gurus was an endictment of the entire industry. The chiropractic responses were immediate.

    In Ontario, chiropractors who have taken Webster's course, or similar courses are promoted on U.S. based web sites. Many of them just simply placed their certificates on the wall and called themselves pediatric chiropractors. The problem is this, that in Ontario this is not allowed. The CCO does not recognize the specialty. But, that doesn't matter, the Yellow Pages, mall promotions, and library presenations are full of chiropractors who say that they are pediatric specialists. The CCO has done nothing to stop this.

    Here is part of a letter that was sent to midwive organizations and regulators in Ontario:

    Can you comment on this newsletter on the web site? Lifeline Newsletter Volume 3: Issue 17, May 16, 2002

    Apparently, an unnamed midwife referred a 34 week pregnant woman to a chiropractor named Martha Collins from Kingston, Ontario for treatment. The chiropractor then claimed that she reverted the fetus, and she did it in just three sessions. The event according to Collins took place just two weeks before she published her newsletter on May 16, 2002. It doesn't say that the treatments occured over one day, one week, or two weeks.

    Here is what Collins says about this technique (which by the way is dubious and never been tested in any scientific manner):

    "The baby's turned". With that statement, tears welled in my eyes and I had to leave the adjusting room for a moment. The woman who told me this wonderful news was referred last week by her midwife and a friend at work to receive the adjusting protocol to turn her 34-week-old baby boy. Her midwife reported that her baby was now in the proper position after only three adjustments using this technique. I was so excited for her and so excited for her baby--what a much better start to his life!

    The approach used by Chiropractors to normalize fetal presentation was developed by Dr. Larry Webster and is known as the "Webster In-Utero Constraint Turning Technique". Dr. Webster's research indicated that this technique is successful in 97% of adverse presentations.

    Thankfully, because the Webster technique uses the innate intelligence of the mother and the baby, there is no risk--it corrects pelvic imbalances and reduces tension in the uterus to give the baby more room to turn. The technique stimulates the baby to reposition itself, rather than having a forceful, dangerous manipulation applied.

    My questions for the Assiociation of Ontario Midwives, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, and Ontario training programs for midwives

    1. How can a midwife refer patients to a chiropractor for obstetrical intervention in the first place?

    2. Is this midwife liable for damages if the baby or mother suffered damages? 3. What are the standards of practice for AOM about this? Under the 1991 Midwifery Act in Ontario:

    "The practice of midwifery is the assessment and monitoring of women during pregnancy, labour and the post-partum period and of their newborn babies, the provision of care during normal pregnancy, labour and post-partum period and the conducting of spontaneous normal vaginal deliveries."

    AOM Fact sheet the following is about low risk maternity care:

    "Midwives provide high quality, cost-effective care to childbearing women throughout their pregnancy, birth, and in the post-partum period. As registered health professionals, midwives are highly trained, appropriate providers of low risk maternity care." 4. Is malpractice for midwive's reimbursed by the Province of Ontario?

    5. Would the Province of Ontario be held liable in the case of this midwife who allegedly referred this patient to a chiropractor?

    6. Are Ontario universities doing their job training midwives? Do they teach them to refer to chiropractors instead of medical doctors?

    References about the Webster Technique:

  • - Sam Homola, D.C.

    The Webster technique (named after a now deceased self-proclaimed U.S. based entrepreneur and "pediatric chiropractor") is taught in weekend courses in hotels and other meeting rooms around North America). It is not taught by obstetricians, or midwives. I assume that the chiropractor in questions took one of these weekend courses to feel comfortable in performing this dangerous maneuver on her clients.

    For further information about Martha Collins' practice you can go to her web site to see what she does in her office in Kingston:

    As part of their pediatric practices, many chiropractors run anti-vaccine nights, and invite entire families and their children to view videos about the harm that the medical establishment intentionally cause to their loved ones. In Ontario, the CCO has passed a new Standards of Practice - S-015, that is supposed to address this. Unfortunately, it will be unlikely to change any of the practices of current chiropractors who have increased their anti-vaccine promotions in their offices, at universities, and on their web sites.

    CBC Marketplace

  • Transcript of CBC Marketplace - January 20, 2003

  • Shot in the Arm on CBC's Marketplace - January 20, 2004 - Watch the entire show on the internet. Watch Tedd Koren at work hawking his CDs and workbooks in Quebec City, and perky Martha Collins in Kingston. When she isn't performing miracles by reverting third-trimester mothers who have a breech presentation, she's apparently busy telling parents that they really don't need to give their baby's shots. When asked about measles outbreaks around the world and what would happen if there was an outbreak in Kingston, she looked dumbfounded. Whether or not it's the stellar performance of a carpet-bagging American with money to burn, or an airhead statement made by a chiropractor who treats pregnant mothers, it's all here. The best part of the show was the interview with chiropractor and PhD student Dr. Jason Busse who looked like he was about ready to file complaints himself against anti-vax chiros. He is the lead author of a paper in the CMAJ that chronicles the growth in anti-vaccine attitudes among CMCC students. I loved when the camera zoomed in on Martha Collins' own web site where she is supposed to present a balanced approach to vaccine information. Duh, what did they find, ten out of the fourteen links were to sites that did not provide positive information about vaccines.

    My suggestion to Tedd Koren, Martha Collins and the entire board of the Chiropractic Awareness Council is to ask them nicely to stop showing anti-vaccine videos, and to stop lying to their patients about vaccines. Perhaps they could leave practice and travel around the world for Parker Seminars and stay away from patients for a few years while we try to play catch-up and make sure children are properly immunized in North America.

    For those chiropractors who have to sit through the self-promotions of some delusional chiropractic promoters to learn how to make money in Canada, well that's another story. To those chiropractors who follow a particular science-fiction based religion to help them recruit office staff, and promote their practices at flea markets, and shopping malls, I suggest that you get another job. The government is getting very tired of paying for your nonsense in Ontario. The performance demonstrated on Marketplace will certainly assist in plugging the leaky holes in our publicly funded healthcare system in Ontario that still funds pediatric chiropractic nonsense.

    Martha Collins rebuts Marketplace and promotes anti-vax lecturer

    • Marketplace - Weekly Newsletter Lifeline - January 21, 2004 Martha, who brags on her own web site that she reverted the fetus of a mother who was in the middle of her third trimester in one of her other newsletters take a bold step here. Not only does she thoroughly trash the CBC Marketplace program that put her front and centre, and under attack by Wendy Mesley, she now helps to promote another anti-vaccine chiropractor named Tim O'Shea.

      The old CCO policies that have been in place for years are undergoing a complete makeover. Anyone who promotes anti-vaccine rhetoric in their capacity as a healthcare professional can lose their license. Does she not care about any of this? The CCO says that any chiropractor's web site is an extension of their office. Well, if the CCO says that chiros can't talk in their office against vaccines, then who the hell think she is kidding?

      The new proposed Standards of Practice that regulates what chiropractors can tell their patients and the public was finally passed in February 2004. This Standard is nearly identical to the original one, and that was never effectively enforces.

    Canadian colic study - CCOHTA

    Spinal Manipulation for Infantile Colic

    Spinal manipulation for infant colic


    Colic in infants is characterized by excessive and inconsolable crying that appears between the second and sixth weeks of life. Despite being a common occurrence, colic remains a medical enigma. The causes are unknown and despite significant research, a “cure” has not been found. There is no “gold standard” for treating infant colic.

    Technology Description

    Spinal manipulation involves quick, controlled techniques that are adapted for different ages and conditions. The force is applied by hand, suddenly rather than strongly, and moves the joint over a small range. In infants, the forces delivered are smaller than in adults and often only entail specific fingertip pressure. Spinal manipulation of infants is performed in an out-patient setting without the use of special equipment. Treatment usually involves more than one visit.

    The Issue

    Up to 17% of families seek advice regarding their infant’s crying, contributing related costs to the health care system. Frequent episodes of infant colic can cause anxiety for parents and in some cases, excessive crying may trigger physical abuse such as that seen in “shaken baby syndrome.” A number of remedies for colic have been tried, including spinal manipulation. The use of spinal manipulation in children is controversial. Assessment


    The objectives of this review are to determine: whether manipulating the spine, by itself, can reduce the signs and symptoms of infantile colic if spinal manipulation is safe.


    CCOHTA performed a systematic literature review to identify relevant clinical trials. Titles and abstracts were screened and eligibility criteria were applied. The criteria for inclusion focused on study design, participants, interventions, safety and measured outcomes. We evaluated the potential exaggeration of results from trial reports by applying Jadad’s scale and assessing if the randomization sequence was adequately concealed from investigators. An intention-to-treat analysis also helped in understanding the strength of findings.


    There is no convincing evidence that spinal manipulation alone can affect the duration of infantile colic symptoms. The effect of spinal manipulation on sleep time, parental anxiety, quality of life and number of colic diagnoses could not be determined using available evidence.

    The potential harm from the spinal manipulation of infants with colic could not be determined using the evidence available from controlled trials. This summary is based on a comprehensive health technology assessment available from CCOHTA’s web site ( Husereau D, Clifford T, Aker P, Leduc D, Mensinkai S. Spinal manipulation for infantile colic.

  • Manitoba tries to ban pediatric insurance payments

    Canadian Pediatric Society Warning

    "There is no scientific evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic in treating non-musculoskeletal conditions in children." - Dr. Linda Spigelblatt

    Paediatrics & Child Health 2002; 7(2), 85-89 - Reference No. CP02-01

    Reprints of this position statement are available from the 
    Canadian Paediatric Society
    100-2204 Walkley Road
    Ottawa ON  K1G 4G8
    phone: (613) 526-9397; fax: (613) 526-3332.
         A history of chiropractic 
         Chiropractic philosophy 
         Chiropractic and its use in children 
         Scientific evidence 
         Chiropractors and immunizations 
         The safety of chiropractic in children 
         Chiropractic: Issues for the physician 

    • Press Release - Feb 26, 2002
    • Chiropractic care for children: Controversies - Full text
    • Chiropractic care for children: Controversies - .pdf file
    • CPS home page
    • Pediatricians warn against chiropractors - National Post - Brad Evenson - Feb 27, 2002
      • anti-vaccine chiros tell parents that vaccines cause diseases
      • unnecessary x-rays endanger children
      • treatments that don't work continue to be hawked openly
    • Pediatricians urge chiropractic homework - CANOE.CA - Helen Branswell - Feb 27, 2002
    • Chiropractic treatment of children unproven, pediatricians warn - Toronto Star - Prithi Yelaja - Feb 27, 2002

    • Standards of care - National Post - March 9, 2002 - Jo-Ann Willson responds to negative publicity about pediatric chiropactic
      Re: MDs Warn of Chiropractic Peril (Feb. 7) and Pediatricians Warn Against
      Chiropractors (Feb. 27):
         The articles do not give full consideration to the fact that chiropractors
      must comply with the regulations governing the profession and the standards of
      practice, policies and guidelines set by College of Chiropractors of Ontario.
      Failure to do so may lead to a complaint, investigation and, when warranted, a
      disciplinary action.
         The Chiropractic Act, 1991, which defines the scope of practice for
      chiropractic, allows chiropractors to perform the controlled act of spinal
      adjustment manipulation. The college has developed a standard of practice that
      further details the requirements chiropractors must meet before performing an
      adjustment/manipulation. These include making a diagnosis, explaining the risks
      and benefits of the treatment and obtaining informed consent.
         Many chiropractors in Ontario have family practices that include children.
      The college supports the position of the Canadian Chiropractic Association that
      there should be improved dialogue with other health professions about children's
         Jo-Ann Willson, registrar, College of Chiropractors of Ontario, Toronto.

    More Pediatric Chiro

    Do you have a similar problem with pediatric chiropractors in your area?

    Is there evidence of rampant abuse by so-called pediatric chiropractors in North America? This case may be an isolated example of what is wrong with chiropractic today. However, a simple look at the web sites of many of them, or a casual glance at park benches, or Yellow Pages ads may tell you differently.

    If you want to report pediatric chiropractic abuse in your community, this site will help you decide. If you feel that your family is being ripped off, call your insurance company, and your local chiropractic society to complain.

  • E-mail us at: Pediatric Chiropractic
  • Palmerian Pediatrics?

    Are two Florida chiropractors practicing pediatrics or are they just in the business of ripping off insurance companies?

    Here's the scoop from an angry divorced father of three who has joint custody in Florida, who contacted me today because his ex-wife takes their three kids to the chiropractor three times a week:

    I have three children. Ages 7, 2, 1. They are all being taken to the Chiropractor AGAINST my wishes. The insurance bills have been coming to my house since June of 99. My oldest son is 7 and has cerebral palsy. My daughter is 2, and youngest son is just over 1 year. On all of the bills, it states that they have "spinal disorder care" and "spinal disoder modality". I have sent the chiropractor a "Stop Treatment" letter and have made telephone contact with both chiropractors and their office manager to stop treatment.

    I have taken my daughter to her regular pediatrician to inquire about her care, and he stated "that chiropractors do nothing but hurt children" and any claim they make that chiropractors can reduce ear infections is "bunk".

    My ex-wife has taken the stance that my "vote on their care does not matter". We have shared custody, as Flordia has, and all "major medical" decisions are to be made by "both" parents. I have never been consulted prior to treatment. Since I provide the health insurance for the children, I received the "eob" from the insurance company.

    What can I do? Is the chiropractor able to treat my children against my authorization? Is this criminal? Can I sue?


    Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More

    Pediatric Chiropractors on the News

    • Richard Rafferty - is he or isn't he? - KDKA poster chiro says he treats 50-100 kids a week. We wonder why parents pay for this, and if any insurance companies wonder why they do. And why does this piece seem like just another infomercial on this CBS flagship station?

    • Astrid Trim and Claudia Anrig on the CBC - did you know that babies are "mostly cartilage" and that the reason that pediatric chiropractic has a bad name is because colleges don't teach it? Huh?

    Pregnant moms, newborns, toddlers and children - A chiropractic perspective?

    • Why do chiropractors hate normal childbirth methods? - Birth Trauma: A Modern Epidemic - VIDEO - Send for your 10 minutes video and see for yourself. Oh, don't forget to send the $169 U.S. plus shipping and handling to the folks so you can charge your patients to view it.

    • Activator Children's Chiropractic - great pictures, great plot, it's too bad that it doesn't have a beat. - Activator says: "The truth is, childhood is the best time to begin chiropractic care. Most conditions are easily and effectively corrected, because kids tend to heal even faster than adults. And children not only respond well to chiropractic, they love it!" (There is no mention of the cult of anti-immunization bias in the chiropractic programs, where mothers are warned against getting shots.)
    • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
    • Birth trauma remains an under publicized and, therefore, an under treated problem. There is a need for further documentation and especially more studies directed toward prevention. In the meantime, manual treatment of birth trauma injuries to the neuromusculoskeletal system could be beneficial to many patients not now receiving such treatment, and it is well within the means of current practice in chiropractic and manual medicine.

      (Yes that's right, just get those thumbs and elbows ready folks, not only will chiropractors be admitted into the delivery room, they will replace underwater birthing as the latest fad. I just wonder how they will be able to fit their choir of angels, and snake-oil vending machines into the recovery room)

    • Natural Pediatrics Gerald Poesnecker, D.C. - "Hardly a youngster treated at our Centers does not have some form of mechanical problem. He will either have a sacroiliac out of place, cervical rotations, scoliosis (spinal curvature), or various vertebral subluxations in the dorsal and lumbar spine." (At the Healing Center they practice on children with Magnatherm machines, low-level laser therapy, cleansing enemas, chlorophyll inhalations, Vitamin "F", chiropractic manipulation, ground up carrots in a bag put on swollen glands from mumps infection, and mummy wraps for measles. They also have great fun treating whooping cough, pneumonia, rubella, croup, asthma, etc. He uses the U.S. military caduceus for a logo on his web page. As far as I know, there are no designated chiropractors in military service in the United States Armed Forces. His Phone numbers if you want to ask him about his practice or his book: 800-779-3796 or 800-300-5168, 215-536-7048, 215-536-7058(FAX) )

    • Chiropractic: The Best Kept Secret in Health Care -- by Deb Donovan and Bob VanMetter The word chiropractic means "done by hand". Chiropractic is based on a vitalistic philosophy, which recognizes simply, that life, and therefore health, is an expression of an inner wisdom - an innate intelligence animating every cell within our genetic design. (These folks make no claims to be scientists, but they will bill your insurance company just the same. Does Medicare pay for your prayer meetings?)

    • Chiropractic Medicine and Ear Infections - by William Cockburn, D.C. - "Chiropractic has historically demonstrated tremendous results with children and ear infections. However, there are no clinical trials or double blinded studies demonstrating the cause and effect or the statistical coefficient of variation, so detractors of chiropractic claim the results to be anecdotal and unsupportable. - (Well how about that folks, he admits there is no evidence)
    • Dr. Watson's Chiropractic OnLine! - CHILDREN: INFANTS & TODDLERS - Why would baby need to see a chiropractor? Dr. Watson doesn't seem to maintain his web site very well. He still thinks that the Canadian pediatric asthma hasn't been published yet.
    • A quick click beats colic cries - Durban, South African newspaper headlines say that Mom and baby rest easy again after chiropractic adjustment puts end to tears. "She took Matthew to her chiropractor and, almost immediately, life changed for the Pickfords. There were two quiet days, then he got niggly again, so they went back to the chiropractor.

      While Glenda held her baby, the chiropractor gave one more treatment in the middle section of the back and the region of the C2 vertebra, an area connected to the digestive system. This time it was the end of Matthew and Glenda's troubles. That night Matthew had a feed at 10pm and slept through till 3am - a pattern he still follows now at 13 weeks old.

      Though babies with colic are increasingly being treated with chiropractic methods, their use, until recently, has been mainly through hearsay. Only one scientific study was made in Denmark, until a young Durban chiropractor researched its use for her masters' degree in chiropractic technology.

      Dr Kathy, whose full name cannot be given for ethical reasons, set about proving its success in cases where there is no organic problem."

    Why Do Children Need Chiropractic?

    • Live pain free - Ottawa area chiropractic clinic
    • Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, many parents have their newborns checked for the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Later learning to walk, ride a bicycle, and other childhood activities can cause spinal problems. While a bandage and some comforting words can help a skinned knee, the unseen damage to the child's spine is the unique domain of a chiropractic doctor. Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off as "growing pains" can often be traced to the spine. Regular chiropractic checkups can identify these problems and help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adult life. Naturally chiropractic adjusting procedures are modified to a child's spine. Most parents report that their children enjoy their chiropractic adjustments and seem healthier than other children."

    • Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care - From Cary, North Carolina - a canned presentation web site. "Manipulative therapy ... normalizes functions of the pituitary, adrenal, ovarian, and placental systems. This shortens labor by 50 to 60 percent and lessens medication requirement by at least 50 percent ... Postpartum depression is a rarity in patients receiving ... manipulative therapy. Manipulation can be of great value in normalizing the body functions of women with problems of pregnancy such as toxemia. Chiropractic care is especially needed during pregnancy because of many physical and chemical changes the woman's body is going through.'' (How many more lies can these quacks put in one sentence?)

    Opposition to childhood immunization by chiropractors

    Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble!

    Fillet of a fenny snake,

    In the cauldron boil and bake:

    eye of newt and toe of frog,

    Wool of bat and tongue of dog,

    Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,

    Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,

    for a charm of pow'rful trouble,

    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

    -Second Witch, Macbeth, IV:1

    • Health Canada - 2nd Canadian National Immunization Conference Immunizing for Health - Achieving Our National Goals Toronto, Ontario - December 1996 - Comments on oppostion movements in chiropractic against immunizations.
    • "There seems to be an aberrant wing of chiropractors. There is a process of discipline within this profession but it seems that this means that they can say anything that they like." (It is clear that Jeff Winchester and others in the Waterloo, Ontario area belong to this group. So why has the Province of Ontario failed to do anything about this, and why have they paid out millions each year for chiropractors to treat infants and children.)

    • FIRST INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC CONFERENCE ON VACCINATION - PUTS VACCINE RISKS ON THE RECORD - September 1997. Three months before the deaths of two teenagers in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario from meningococcal meningitis the World Chiropractic Alliance leader Terry Rondberg concluded this two day conference with a spirited call to action for all attendees to fight for public education and health care freedom around the world. Another cult leader, Arno Burnier, DC, was International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, kicked off the second day of the conference with a lecture on the universal intelligence inherent in all living things and the need to protect the biological integrity of the human organism by maintaining wellness through non-toxic avenues such as reduction of stress, good nutrition and chiropractic care.

  • Simmons Chiropractic clinic director says - "Long term adverse effects of vaccines have been documented. These include neurological disorders like attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, allergies and autism. Cancer is also a side effect. As discussed previously, known carcinogens are used in the preparation of vaccines. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) has also been identified to have a possible connection with vaccination." (This is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. No wonder that Jeff Winchester, Waterloo's own anti-meningococcal vaccine guru, put that big sign out on Bridgeport Rd. during the epidemic last year.)
  • Chiropractic Awareness Council

    • Mission Statement: Why is there no mention of their virulent anti-vaccine stance? You need to go to many of their own member's links and check on their advertising to fill in the blanks here.

    • But they did have this link about vaccines.

    • Member's location and e-mail - archived June 2001 Ogi Ressel and Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock are both members. One used to be on the fitness to practice committee, the other presented the pediatric chiropractic point of view at Sick Kids Hospital on November 29, 2000 but failed to tell the audience that she was a member of the CAC. We wonder why, did she just forget, or was it a calculated risk to just hope that someone in the audience would ask her if she was.

    Pediatric chiropractic - treat them and they will come

    Debbie Birnbaum

    - This Florida pediatric chiropractor sees patients as young as 12 days, and as old as 84 years of age. Just in case you get lost, there is a nice map and lots of nice pictures of little ones. I'd like to see the after pictures, just to see the smiles on their faces. I'm sure that Debbie loves the extra attention, and her accountant loves the extra boost to her income.

    • Pediatric Public Relations Strategies - By Stuart P. Warner and Theresa M. Warner, D.C. Parents today raise their children in very contradictory ways, both in word and action. Most Moms try to do the right thing, right from the start of pregnancy, they refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol or caffeine. So, why then do they breastfeed their infants and then wean them to junk food, like soda and chips? Why do they choose chiropractic care for their children, yet continue to vaccinate them?

      As chiropractors, we need to work twice as hard to take advantage of media opportunities that will help us to effect the change from the allopathic model to the chiropractic lifestyle.

      If you would like to receive specialized training in becoming a media spokesperson so you can be a chiropractic resource for radio and/or television, please contact the The Wall Street Journal "Chiropractors Seeking to Expand Practices Take Aim at Children,"

      Timothy K. Smith reports on a chiropractor who had treated a five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister for mastoiditis. The boy's infection had invaded his skull; the girl's was so severe that part of her face was paralyzed and pus was pressing against her brain. The children's parents were using a chiropractor as their primary care doctor. The doctor of chiropractic correctly diagnosed the ear infections and tried to cure the children by manipulating the bones of their spines. Because they were not treated with antibiotics, the girl is now deaf in one ear and the boy is still under observation for neurological damage.Wall Street Journal article and chiropractic reaction to tragic results from the cult of pediatric chiropractic.

      I hope you are more than just skeptical. Since the original article was published there have been thousands of chiropractors "trained" in pediatric care. But, who trains the trainers? Who pays their malpractice?

  • SIDS and atlantoaxial anomaliesChildren and Chiropractic - The Network Chiropractic Model By Donald Epstein, D.C. (Founder of Network Chiropractic) and Jackie Knowles, D.C. - "Even the most significant diseases are a learned neurological response anchored at a somatic level(s). The send of self is synthesized by selective and imaginative remembering of past encounters stored within the developmental matrix. The development of the self is and inside job. Very often, just a gentle touch contact is all that is needed to release the "spinal magnetic tape" and to release the learned patterns which are inconsistent with our fluent growth and development. The result of this is a natural clearing of that which is not us." (O.K. folks, it's time to get the Haldol. Did these people really lose me, or is it them? I hope the artsy professors over at York University in Toronto comprehend this as gobbledygook.)
  • School Aged Children With Reoccuring Colds And Flu - By Dr. M. D. Daubenspeck, D.C. - If the problem tends to be a miscommunication of the immune system, we can check the nerve pathways from the brain through the spine to the immune system itself to see if there is a subluxation present. (Well golly gee, I wonder if paraplegics, who have had their spinal cord destroyed would improve using this logic?)
  • "Down" Syndrome - 10-20% of children with "Down" syndrome have atlantoaxial instability - International Chiropractic Pediatric Association - Spinal cord compromise deserves the most careful attention. Although spinal manipulation is a safe procedure, the chiropractor always be alert for contraindications to his treatments.
  • Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) Critcizes the NEJM study on pediatric chiropractic treatment of asthma
  • Kansas chiropractor FAQ's answers this question - What Is the Youngest Age for Chiropractic Care? - There is no age limit. Newborns may need to be adjusted, especially if they had a difficult or traumatic birth. There are many stories of chiropractors adjusting dying infants in hospitals with miraculous recoveries reported. (Name one Dr. Schaal, then name the pediatric intensive care unit that will agree with you! BTW - the information on this site is from Tedd Koren, who is still under investigation by the Federal government for promoting chiropractic methods that are out of their scope of practice, particularly in infants and children.)

  • Chiropractic pediatric guidelines - Council on Chiropractic Practice Since vertebral subluxation may affect individuals at any age, chiropractic care may be indicated at any time after birth. As with any age group, however, care must be taken to select adjustment methods most appropriate to the patient's stage of development and overall spinal integrity. Parental education by the subluxation-centered chiropractor concerning the importance of evaluating children for the presence of vertebral subluxation is encouraged.

    Chiropractors against Chiropractors

    • How Chiropractic Subluxation Theory Threatens Public Health - Samuel Homola, D.C. Many chiropractors treat patients with spinal adjustments based on the theory that correction of vertebral subluxations will restore and maintain health. This article explores the controversy surrounding the practice of chiropractic and discusses some of the dangers associated with inappropriate use of spinal manipulation. The management of infants and children by subluxation-based chiropractors who do not endorse such medically accepted procedures as immunization or use of antibiotics is especially a cause for alarm. If the chiropractic profession fails to abandon the false premise upon which it is based, it will remain controversial and some aspects of chiropractic treatment will continue to be a threat to public health.

    • Reply to "Issues in Chiropractic Pediatrics: Vaccination" - By Fred Colley, PhD, MPH; Lon Morgan, DC, DABCO; Mitchell Haas, DC, MA - While no vaccine is 100% safe or 100% effective, immunization has dramatically reduced the incidence of numerous diseases with high childhood morbidity to less than 1% of former levels in many countries, eradicated smallpox, and has saved countless millions of lives worldwide. Some members of the chiropractic profession are still unwilling to accept this fact despite overwhelming scientific evidence supporting it.

    This is Dr. Chotkowski's second book on chiropractic exposes chiropractic as a false health care practice that has flourished basically unchallenged over the past century.

    Chiropractors vs. the FTC - Tedd Koren and his right to publish

    • Tedd Koren defends his First Amendment right to speak out and publish booklets, posters, tapes, and videos to advance the treatment of infants and children using chiropractic manipulation and nutrition.

    • Tedd Koren welcomed by anti-vax Canadian chiropractors despite CCO's pronouncements that they will deal with the problem with new Standards of Practice against anti-vaccine chiropractors.

      This is no hoax folks, our public health is in danger because anti-vaccine, know-nothings, masquerading as chiropractors are allowed in our free country to poison the minds of their patients.

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